Schauspiel interessiert/Interested in acting

Schauspiel interessiert/Interested in acting

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I dont have a buissiness.


my name is Philipp, I’m 21 years old and trying to explore acting. Ive never done it but am curious to test myself. I’m a musician/restaurant pianist, I write movie/series scripts, philosophy and Jokes that Ive performed several times at comedy clubs around town. I love all these things and who knows maybe i love acting too, doesn’t seem too far fetched. I can speak both English and German fluently (mixed background and international schools, etc). My family is German, i speak German with them, but with my friends Ive always spoken English therefore i feel more comfortable in it. Both my writing and my comedy has always come more natural in English. However I’m also keen on trying something in German. I don’t expect to be paid, i truly just want to explore identity and acting and learn something in the process, as well as meet people. If you’re making a short film or a series, or doing anything related to film or music, or just wanna help me with my projects, I’m eager to explore, collaborate, connect and exchange ideas.

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